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Gotta build me one of these – smart Mirror

While I feel having my first post in here be something someone else did is bad form.. I think I’ll recover.

Innate | Another Tech Blog

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of smart mirrors for a few years now and have yet to put monitor to glass and make one happen.

This might just be that final push over the edge.

I figure I’d want it to keep track of the time and hopefully interact with a few other things in my house to make a few decisions about what to display.
Also need a motion sensor so the thing isn’t on if I’m not there

Traffic on the way to work
Weather Data for the day
Quick list of headlines so I know what sort of things I’ll have to research once I get to work
Calendar perhaps, would be a BIT more useful if I could get my work calendar on there
Clock.. I always need a clock. Everything needs a clock.

not sure here.. what’s important in the afternoon? A clock maybe?

headlines.. all of the important things that have happened during the day
a clock…

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