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grblweb – a web based grbl sender for CNC

Pretty awesome project

github link

The guy has even build a raspi image for it. But that puts me in an interesting middle ground. I’d like to use the raspi I have lying about with the 2.8″ tft touch screen from adafruit, but it seems that it just won’t work without the custom kernel file they have created. (which also means I can’t seem to update the raspberry pi beyond that version, but hey small price? not small price, clean install of jesse lite, I’ll figure out the screen later) So using their image and following instructions on the github site we see the evil of NPM and repo installed nodejs rear it’s ugly head.

Side track: i love linux, I am a fan.. but package managers.. why does every development environment need to come with a package manager these days? npm, pip, gems.. and more than half the time things get installed via the OS package manager, that screw up the environment specific manag… ok.. done.</vent>

anyway, step 1 will be to ln /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

aside from an error about the camera, things look good (probably missed an instruction)

meh, im switching to his prebuilt image, and will mess with the adafruit screen in another post.. tothedraftswithyou!

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