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Installing node on debian based linux – update

Well, it’s quite a different affair now. Most places seem to be getting in on the “run this script, it’ll handle it for you” train, and I can’t say I dislike it. New way:via nodejs.orgcurl -o- | bashnvm install # Old way:So yeah, installing node is sort of a stupid round about adventure in […]

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Sonoff T3US2C tasmota

You can probably find these instructions spread out via various sites fairly easily. I know it didn’t take me long. I’m putting together my list specifically so I remember WTF I did. Raspi Flash setupsetup the esptool for the raspberry PI the serial port is /dev/ttyS0 when configured “properly”<get picture of proper wire configuration here> […]

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Linksprite DIY CNC info/stats/mods

Just to keep track of what I’ve done, current settings, mods, and measurements. Controller: (CNCjs) Chuck upgrade: Limit switches: it appears that bolting the limit switches directly onto the z carriage is causing them to trigger due to vibration.. need to figure out a dampening option, or make grbl ignore […]

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Ring flood light cam to dumb motion sensor

The worst ideas come to us when drinking too much, and having access to purchasing power when drinking is probably never a great idea.. but alas, here I am. Links, always forget the links.┬áLink to camera Apparently drunk me decided that I wanted to follow through on a project that I was thinking about doing […]

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