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A guy with too many projects, needing a place to put em.

octopi, and printerbot

this shouldn’t be too involved right? Download octopi¬† use the standard sudo dd if=2015-05-05-octopi-wheezy-0.12.0.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=1m plug everything in profit! instructions you ask.. heh, we’ll see how the above goes. edit 1: So it was basically that easy, So far.. had to play with the wifi configs to get that working (will really vary by […]

Printrbot Play

Printrbot store link Ah, 3d printers.. the greatest of inventions. Heralding in a golden age of instant home replication of anything your heart desires*. *anything your heart desires offer only available after you personally create that thing after learning to use a decent CAD package, then spend hours if not days fiddling with the settings […]

“This post made in error”

So my coworker and I came up with the best marketing idea ever. After sending a marketing e-mail.. follow up right away with an e-mail titled “<name> would like to recall <1st e-mail title>” That way you’ll get people to read over the e-mail looking to figure out why you wanted to recall it!   […]

Gotta build me one of these – smart Mirror

While I feel having my first post in here be something someone else did is bad form.. I think I’ll recover. Innate | Another Tech Blog I’ve been fascinated with the concept of smart mirrors for a few years now and have yet to put monitor to glass and make one happen. This might just […]

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