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March 2016

control panel with custom ui

looking to make a control panel with a ui for scheduling and general information. May also end up being the UI for my smart mirror?
in the researching phase but hardware wise I have a 7″ raspi touchscreen and a raspi model b

raspbian – base OS
enlightenment – ui layer
?? – calendar
?? – news
?? – other

hardware features i want

touchscreen – raspi 7″
motion sense – ??
nfc – ??
intercom – ??


octopi, and printerbot

this shouldn’t be too involved right?
Download octopi 
use the standard

sudo dd if=2015-05-05-octopi-wheezy-0.12.0.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=1m

plug everything in


instructions you ask.. heh, we’ll see how the above goes.

edit 1:
So it was basically that easy, So far.. had to play with the wifi configs to get that working (will really vary by adapter, but my changes are below)

#auto wlan0
#allow-hotplug wlan0
iface wlan0 inet manual
wpa-roam /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
iface default inet manual



I got some weirdness at first because both my SSID and key have spaces in them.. well, I THOUGHT that was the problem.. then I copy pasta’d them both again and found out that in fact I was the problem..
On to the printer, which is not currently playing nice.

edit2: have you turned it off and on again? yeah.. that made the printer work..


the latest update to octopi(octoprint) seems to have decided to rename the usb port. Probably an affect of not disconnecting before pressing UPDATE ME NAOW! easy enough fix though, unplug power from the printrbot plug back in, and restart octoprint (Not the pi, just the octoprint service) bing bang, all set and fixed

Printrbot Play

Printrbot store link
Ah, 3d printers.. the greatest of inventions. Heralding in a golden age of instant home replication of anything your heart desires*.
*anything your heart desires offer only available after you personally create that thing after learning to use a decent CAD package, then spend hours if not days fiddling with the settings of your printer to get them 100% perfect for that one time print, which throws it out of alignment again.

But seriously, I love these finicky, argumentative, beasts called 3d printers.

So back to the printrbot play. Let me get straight to it. If you want to read after this, that’s your problem. This list will probably change over time as i’m about an hour into calibrating and fiddling stage.

made of metal (not wood) so sturdy
overall mechanism fairly simple, I could see myself wanting to repair this

Drooling problem – it seems each calibration test requires that I wait for this to finish
head doesn’t travel to “Z home” when a print is cancelled (I’m sure I can fix that somewhere)
instructions are a bit.. longish (hey man, I’m just saying)

Really though this guy comes with the usual quirks you get with a 3d printer so far.. calibrate, fiddle, print, repeat.
I really like the story of the printrbot company and actually bought and assembled one of the “og” wooden printrbot simpl’s. I’ve also horsed around with a couple of makerbot’s offerings. That’s basically my experience there.

update: 3 hours in and still “calibrating” seems I just can’t get adhesion and will probably be looking for some way to clear the “drool” before I am printing anything. 3 hours isn’t terrible at this stage in the printing game though.

edit: Just can’t get adhesion, seems the nozzle is hanging out just slightly high enough to not allow the plastic to mash properly against the bed. Must be a calibration thing, but can’t seem to make M212 do anything different..

edit: So after much futsing with software, I decided to move onto hardware for my calibration. and there-in lies the fix.

wp-1457461685348.jpg This little guy right here
So that is the “z probe” which also seems to act as a “z stop”.  Printrbot provides a handy sheet of plastic for calibrating this little guy, but it seems like the actual position that worked (for me) was to discard it completely and make small adjustments, then try pressing “home” in the cura software until it seemed right. On the plus side it’s threaded, so I could turn it to make the finer side of the adjustments and just tighten down when I got there. I’m assuming that this will be the first thing to go out of alignment, meaning that this is where I’ll start for any future tuning.

wp-1457461653070.jpgSweet success!

“This post made in error”

So my coworker and I came up with the best marketing idea ever.

After sending a marketing e-mail.. follow up right away with an e-mail titled “<name> would like to recall <1st e-mail title>”

That way you’ll get people to read over the e-mail looking to figure out why you wanted to recall it!


I need a lawyer to patent this STAT!

Gotta build me one of these – smart Mirror

While I feel having my first post in here be something someone else did is bad form.. I think I’ll recover.

Innate | Another Tech Blog

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of smart mirrors for a few years now and have yet to put monitor to glass and make one happen.

This might just be that final push over the edge.

I figure I’d want it to keep track of the time and hopefully interact with a few other things in my house to make a few decisions about what to display.
Also need a motion sensor so the thing isn’t on if I’m not there

Traffic on the way to work
Weather Data for the day
Quick list of headlines so I know what sort of things I’ll have to research once I get to work
Calendar perhaps, would be a BIT more useful if I could get my work calendar on there
Clock.. I always need a clock. Everything needs a clock.

not sure here.. what’s important in the afternoon? A clock maybe?

headlines.. all of the important things that have happened during the day
a clock…